Bowl me over …

redwood bowl

Old growth virgin redwood, 2006

I don’t consider myself a turner, but a few years back I got interested in making small bowls and hollow forms. I bought a little lathe and a few tools, and sent bits of wood flying all about the shop as I tried to figure out how to make something bowl-like. Finally I saw a video by a turner named Del Stubbs, and watching him I learned just enough to quit being quite so dangerous. I enjoy working with the shapes and details, and have cranked out quite a few of these things since then. I’ve made a dozen or so bowls of various sizes that we use in the kitchen every day, and others that are used around the house for different purposes. I found the ones pictured here — all made in 2006 — when going through some of our storage boxes.I think there are other such boxes around here, somewhere …

Photography note: In general I prefer black-&-white images, however in this case I thought color was more appropriate.

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