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The two years I spent studying with James Krenov at the College of the Redwoods are among the most important of my life. Jim’s philosophy and approach to craft have guided me throughout my career, and I enjoy the opportunity to share what I have learned with others who may be interested in ‘impractical’ woodworking. To that end I am now offering basic Tools & Techniques workshops as scheduled classes; Advanced Skills classes and more complex Projects classes on a by-appointment-only basis: and, as always, individual instruction focusing on specific topics such as (but not limited to):

  • Basic Hand Tools – Sharpening, maintenance and use
  • Making and Using Wooden Hand Planes
  • Hand-cut Dovetails
  • Basic Joinery in Solid Wood (mortise & tenon, etc)
  • Basic Joinery in Veneered Panels
  • Working With Sawn Veneer
  • Elements of Furniture Design

All instruction is currently taking place in a well-equipped, air-conditioned shop located in the Scottsdale Airpark. Scheduled workshops are typically one or two days in length, and may be offered as multi-day, evening sessions.

To receive email updates and announcements or to request additional information, send email to azfinewoodworker@gmail.com or call 602-308-9188. Information will also be posted on this web site.

SCHEDULED WORKSHOPS — One to three students (max) can be accommodated in each session, typically scheduled on weekends and of one to three days duration (eight to 24 hours of instruction). Students are required to sign a liability waiver to participate in any workshop. You may be required to bring some of your own tools — see class descriptions and tool lists for more information. Scheduled sessions are typically held 9:00a to 5:00p daily, with an hour for lunch (not provided). Coffee, water, and other refreshments may be on hand.

ADVANCED SKILLS and PROJECTS — By Appointment Only — These classes and workshops require more time than the two or three day basic sessions, typically requiring 40 instruction hours or more. Therefore I now offer these by appointment only — we will schedule sessions based on your (and my) availability. These may be weekends or week days, or evening sessions, continuing until the hours are met and the project completed. Most if not all of these more advanced classes list one or more prerequisite classes (Hand Cut Dovetails is required before signing up for Make A Dovetail Box, for example). “Demonstrated equivalency” can be substituted for the prerequisite classes — I may require that you cut or explain a dovetail joint for me, for example.

ONE-ON-ONE INSTRUCTION — By Appointment Only — Private instruction provides the greatest flexibility, in terms of both subject matter and scheduling. We can get together for whole days or half days, at your convenience (with some consideration for my own schedule, of course). Evening and weekend sessions are possible. One-on-one sessions afford complete customization and intensely focused attention on the subjects covered. Full-day sessions typically include a discussion/demonstration period with the remainder of the day devoted to hands-on work. Subjects range from dovetailing to plane making to veneering to furniture design — and anywhere in between or beyond! You select the topics, and we build the course and schedule together. My fee structure for individual instruction is $100 for the first two hours, or $150 for a half day (four hours), or $200 for a whole day (eight hours). Liability waiver (provided) is required. Call or email to discuss your interests and schedule.

REGISTRATION: Please call or e-mail in advance to check on availability. Personal checks are accepted, as well as credit card payment via PayPal. Unless otherwise noted, a non-refundable deposit of $35 is required to register and to secure your place in any workshop.

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REFUND POLICY: Published deposit fees are non-refundable. If a registered student is unable to participate in the scheduled class, any advance payments in excess of published deposit fees will be refunded according to this table:

Cancel 14 or more days before class:  100%
Cancel 7-13 days before class: 50%**
Cancel 6 or fewer days before class:  0%**

** – 100% in the event your place is filled by another workshop participant.

Students are neither required nor encouraged to make advance payments in excess of the published deposit fee.  Balance due is payable on the day of the class.


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