Veneer — Sawn and Sliced

If you are wanting to incorporate veneered panels into your work, but are frustrated by commercially available panels of particleboard, MDF and micro-thin veneer, this session will open a whole new world of possibilities to you. Concentrating primarily on sawn veneer, we will cover tuning up the average bandsaw to to reliably saw veneer at 2mm-3mm thickness; material selection; bookmatching and other arrangements; edge-joining sawn veneer; core selection and shop-made lumber core construction; strategies for panel edge treatment; pressing panels with and without vacuum; and design considerations when using veneered panels. We will also cover the use of flitch-sliced, commercially available veneer (but NOT the paper-backed stuff), since occasionally that may be the best option for a particular project.

Two-day workshop, 9:00a-5:00p

Tuition:      $260
Materials:  $  60
Total:        $320

Class Schedule


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