Drawer Making

Fancy modern ball bearing slides have their place in the world, but not in fine furniture. ‘Real’ drawers run smoothly and sweetly without slides or hardware of any kind. Creating the ‘pocket’ properly and fitting the drawer to it are the keys. In this class we put together a small desktop two-drawer cabinet and then make and fit the drawers so that they run perfectly. The small cabinet will be pre-cut, ready for fitting and assembly. The drawers, each about 6″w x 10″d x 2″h, will be dovetailed and fit to the opening. We’ll make one drawer, the other is for you to complete at home.

Please Note: This class is intended for intermediate to advanced students who have already learned, if not mastered, the art of dovetailing by hand. In the course of the class we will enhance those skills already learned, but this is not for novice dovetailers.

24 hours of instruction, by appointment only
The basic class, Hand Cut Dovetails is a pre-requisite (or demonstrated equivalency)

Tuition:      $390
Materials:  $120
Total:        $380

Class Schedule


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