Hide Glue and Shellac

This two day workshop will introduce 21st century woodworkers to the benefits of working with two centuries old materials: hide glue (an adhesive) and shellac (a finish). Modern adhesives and finishes have largely replaced more traditional materials, but these old standbys have some remarkable properties that make them not only useful, today, but in some cases superior to the high tech stuff.

We’ll be working with both “hot” and stabilized (liquid at room temperature) hide glues to glue joinery and veneer samples, and with both flake and pre-mixed shellac as a sealer (under other finishes) and as a complete finish.

For some good general information on hide glues and shellac, see these links:



Two-day workshop, 9:00a-5:00p daily

Tuition:      $260
Materials:  $ 40
Total:       $300 



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