Tool List(s)

A small tool kit having at least the following items will suffice for most workshops (unless specific requirements are stated):

block plane (or any similar, small plane)
bevel-edge chisels (any assortment, 1/8″ to 3/4″)
small hammer or mallet
scraper(s) & burnisher
knife (small, carving-style or similar)
square (4″ or 6″, adjustable is nice)

Please feel free to bring any or all of your favorite tools to the workshops. If you have questions or need advice about tools, call or email.

Tools for Dovetail workshops (required)

In addition to the general toolkit above, you will need to bring:

1/8″ bevel edge chisel*
1/2″ bevel edge chisel*
dovetail saw* (small Western or Japanese back saw)

— * these may have to be modified somewhat for specialized use

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