Planes – Essential Setup and Use

Using hand planes effectively is an elemental part of efficient woodworking. Even if most of your work is done by machine, there are times and places where a few strokes with a sharp, tuned plane can save time and  – frankly – produce a better result than any machine. For some, there is the desire to move more completely away from power equipment to the quieter, cleaner working environment that hand tools afford. Whatever the motivation, this two-day workshop will provide a solid introduction to hand planes and how to set up, maintain, and use them. We’ll cover edge jointing and surfacing with bench planes, as well as rabbeting, shooting end grain and other techniques using more specialized tools. In addition we’ll cover sharpening techniques and discuss setup and maintenance of hand planes in general.

Two day workshop, 9:00a-5:00p

Tuition:      $260
Materials:  $  40
Total:       $300

Class Schedule


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