Table Class, v1.0

A couple of weekends ago we held the first 3-day “Make a Table” class on the schedule. I think I learned at least as much as the two erstwhile students, Charles and Mike — but about different things.

[Not a valid template]Making a table – even a fairly simple one –  in three days is a lot to bite off, even if you aren’t discussing all aspects of each step of the process. So while we didn’t hit all our marks, I was pleased with the progress we made and felt like we covered most of the major topics. It’s pretty easy to get sidetracked, spending time tuning up the right tool for a particular job or discussing the relative merits of different wood species.

I learned a lot about how to manage the class a little better next time, and both Mike and Charles had great suggestions for improvements that I will try to implement. Feedback like that is invaluable.

I am building the actual class prototype table now, so it will be ready for the next class. I’m looking forward to it.

A few images from the class….


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